As of August 1st, 2021 axolotls will be legal in the state of Virginia and Gillywater Aquatics will now be shipping to that state.In light of this fantastic turn of events Gillywater Aquatics will be running a special coupon for 10% off ALL axolotls purchased between 7/29/2021 and 8/31/2021. At check ou just enter coupon code "".
Coupon Code is good only for the dates listed above. Gillywater Aquatics will not refund for any purchases made before or after the dates listed. Gillywater Aquatics will also not be refunding if the coupon code is not entered

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1 to 2 axolotls - $65.00

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7 or more please contact Gillywater Aquatics before finalizing your purchase.

Don't forget your soft sinking salmon pellets!