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Smackie Kennedy is a High White Golden Albino, approx 8", FEMALE. Hatched January 2020, she is one of our holdbacks. When she was younger she was in a tub with a biter, she does have some fingers and toes that grew back a little wonky as seen in the pics, she also has a fused gill. She came from a batch of eggs we purchased from another breeder. Known hets are albino, melanoid,  lucy, and dalmation wild .  Eats cut up nightcrawlers,  red wriggler worms, and pellets. 1-3 day usps express shipping is included in the price.

Pics are taken with and without flash.

Updated size 6/15/2021

Smackie Kennedy (8" HIGH WHITE Golden Albino FEMALE Holdback)

  • Shipping is done on Monday for the safety of the animal. 

  • Size is approximate taken at the time of listing and updated once a month. 

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